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Discbound notebooks and planners are the most flexible notebooks available on the market now. One can easily change the order of pages and add and remove pages. With a discbound hole punch, you can create your own pages using any paper you like.

There are different brands of discbound systems – Arc by Staples, Martha Stewart, Levenger, Tul, and others. The systems are mostly compatible with each other. So you can mix and match covers, disc, and pages from different systems and create your own unique notebooks.

Questions about discbound systems

How to use discbound discs?

If you need to remove a page, you just tear it and it comes off the disc easily. If you need to add a page to a notebook – you place it on other pages and push it a little.

Where can I find a cheap discbound hole punch?

Levenger has a simple portable punch for one page. It is the cheapest option for a discbound hole punch right now.

How to make a discbound planner cover?

You just need to take a plastic or a cardboard page and punch holes. Don’t use Levenger’s portable punch, since it is intended only for single thin paper pages.

How to choose discbound puncher?

Heavy tabletop punchers are good for making lots of pages at once. And portable puncher is very convenient on the go.

What is the best discbound hole punch?

ARC tabletop punch is the best you can get.

How to make a pouch for a discbound planner?

You can use any pouch that suits the size of your planner.

How many sheets can be made with TUL discbound hole punch?

TUL discbound hole punch can punch up to six 20-lb pages.

Where can I buy a discbound planner that I can customize?

You can customize any discbound planner.

What margins do discbound books need?

About half an inch is enough.

Where to get paper punched for discbound planner?

The easiest way is to get your own discbound punch. That way you will be able to make your own refills from any paper. Prices for discbound punches start at about $30.

What are the largest available discs for discbound planner?

The largest discs for discbound planner available today are 3″ discs by Levenger.

What else would you like to know about discbound notebooks?

On this website, I plan to cover every topic regarding the disc binding systems. Please let me know in the comments what topics you want me to cover first.

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